How to Celebrate GWD

When the path goes downhill look around, stop, reflect, there’s support all around. Grab them and bounce back with little changes and little steps to return to complete wellness.

Online event or physical event

  • Organize wellness expert/speaker session on Instagram/Facebook or zoom and publish on all your social handle
  • Run the champion on Facebook or other social media channel with wellness tips
  • celebrate the day  with the One to one counseling session
  •  Visit any Resorts or wellness center to spend your and your family day
  • make a special event on mental wellness
  • In pandemic situation many of them are crackdown with their trust factor, Organize a spiritual healing session
  •  Organize an in-salon/in-spa or on the social platform an activity under the banner of Global Wellness Day India.
  • organization online / offline events  on in the spiritual healing/ sound therapy/ mental healing/ spa /activities/yoga activities / meditation/ gymnastics activities/ sports / spiritual activities/ pranayam /breathing sessions/ special events on engage and fear, confidence losing and tryst factor about your own/
  • If you are a professional organization, you can organize Activities can include offers Discounts and package deal
  • If you are running any wellness-related organize offer Complimentary services and personalized wellness programs under the GWD INDIA banner.
  • If you are a skin or beauty /hair /nail organization offer online-offline Free skin/hair/body consultations
  • Offers well-being membership
  • Gifting aromatherapy products/ natural products/ exercise tools/ yoga mats/ natural foods etc
  •  Encouraging patrons to visit wellness centers to find out your internal healing.
  • Start your natural/ alternative therapies or medication or ayurvedic from the GWD celebration.
  • Visit a salon/ spa/ gym to enhance your physical beauty.
  • Displaying the GWD ‘I SAY YES’ pledge all over your store, especially in the reception area
  • Wishing your guest a “Happy Global Wellness Day.”
  • Explaining the theme of mental wellness to them. Encouraging them to do away with mobile phones, tablets, computers, and TV screens.
  • Ask them to keep their phones away while going for a walk or run.
  • encourage people to Look at their surroundings and nature instead of at their Smartphone screens while traveling/waking or seating in the garden.
  • Organize small or big group Encouragement session to keep them to keep fit,
  • Create awareness to install a “GWD Donation Box” in your reception area/ open area and encourage people to donate their bad habits every month.
  • Encourage your patrons, your friends, your relatives to write down things they would like to give up or donate to make their lives healthier. For  example, the number of kgs they would like to lose, bad eating habits, incorrect posture, screen time, late-night hours, etc
  • start your day with happy thoughts and encourage others to do this practice in your day-to-day life.
  • sleep without and gadgets and encourage your friends to do the same.
  • organize a minimum of one day in a month to encourage people to take a digital detox

Who can participate in the activities of the Global wellness day India celebration?

Q: Who can participate in the activities of World Wellness Weekend?

A: EVERYONE. NGO, Schools, SPA/Salons, Corporates, Families, friends, #WellnessBuddies, #wellnesslovers #wellnessbelievers, and colleagues are invited to thousands of activities during Global wellness Day India. Search the past events on the global wellness website or social handles and take a call according to your organization’s culture, time and connections. . We encourage registered venues to make activities accessible and inclusive to all, no matter of age, gender, or condition. We believe in #Wellnessiseffortebal.

What drains your spirit drains your body. What fuels your spirit fuels your body.

– Caroline Myss